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With a simple method, find the ideal Hairdresser Units to rent in London.

To avoid losing money as a business owner, you must keep track of your spending. This is especially important if you're a new hair studio space for rent London business or if you're trying to generate a profit. We at Ariea ltd are continuously on the lookout for money-saving hacks. At this article, we'll talk about how and where you can save money in your salon on everything from salon consumables to supplies that you need but aren't the most exciting purchases to major expenses like furnishings.

We Guarantee Luxury Suites! Visit our Beauty Salon to Rent London, compare, and make your own decision!

Starting your own company can be a difficult decision. The majority of Salon Suites have a one-year minimum lease period. That you are legally obligated to complete all 12 months' payments and pay each lease on time. hair studio space for rent London by Ariea ltd are fully equipped studio spaces available for professionals to rent.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When getting hair studio space for rent in London:

Role does renting a chair at a salon play?

When it comes to ordering a chair rental agreement between a salon landlord and a self-employed stylist, there are three main alternatives. Which option you choose is morally based on your preferences and which arrangement works best for you. ​


Before charging rental, the salon takes a cut of the hairdresser's earnings, which is often in the range of 40-60%. While this strategy can result in high earnings if the artist hovers, it can also result in low earnings if they encounter a quiet covering or fall ill.

Rent that is set in stone

This method is the most convenient for both sides because the hairdresser knows how much they must uncover each week before earning money. Similarly, the salon figures how much money it will make each month. While this planning ensures a set amount, it can be inconvenient for the salon if the hairdresser brings in a large sum of money but the salon receives no more funds.

When renting hairdresser units in London, keep the following in mind:

The Salon Suite industry is growing at a rapid pace, and for good reason. Thousands of beauty specialists have the potential to become financially self-sufficient as a result of this development. Previously, running a salon required a storefront, long-term rent commitments, a significant amount of finance, staff, and a lot of personal risk. The Salon Suite concept now allows beauty professionals to launch their own business for very little money and with a lot of potential. Most Salon Suites are turn-key operations that include all of the necessary equipment, including as cabinets, wash stations, sinks, styling chairs, and other amenities, as well as services, Wi-Fi, and cleaning services, all for one weekly rent.

What Exactly Is The Ariea Limited Pledge?

We understand that small business entrepreneurs must deal with a lot of uncertainty regarding the future. As a result, the Ariea ltd ASSURANCE ensures that if your circumstances change and you need to terminate your lease quickly, the most you'll lose is your first security deposit. We do this to ensure you have all of the tools you need to get started without having to worry about what might happen in the future. We want to keep you fed and make sure you have all you need to succeed. Get hair studio space for rent from Ariea ltd.

Contact us!

Would you want to inquire about the availability of our units? Contact our staff using the information below for any rental spaces or queries you may have. Our apartments are accessible from 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Our building, which is located on Freemasons Road, is easily accessible by public transportation, with Canning Town tube station about 15 minutes away. If you prefer to drive, there are a few spots available right outside the door and a huge parking lot just a short walk away.

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Contact no: 020 7646 3441

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